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Google maps- Business Listings Google: Hundreds of millions of people use Google Search, Maps, Mobile and Google+ to find and discover great local businesses.  Premium and Ultimate Plans *
Bing Places- Business Listings Bing Places: Bing is one of the leading search engines in the US and attracts over 150 million consumers each month. claim your listing…
MapQuest - Business ListingsMapQuest: Over 27 million people a month use MapQuest to find businesses and to get directions to their locations! 
Yahoo!Local- Business ListingsYahoo! Local: Get ahead of the competition with an Enhanced Listing on Yahoo! Local. Attract more attention with a richer listing including photos and detailed company information.

Yelp Business ListingsYelp: Yelp helps more than 40 million people a month find great local businesses like restaurants, dentists, lawyers and movers, and is known for its audience that is loyal and active.

Foursquare Business ListingsFoursquare: Foursquare currently has over 10 million users worldwide and over 400,000 merchants actively managing their businesses on the  network!
Facebook Management Services Facebook: Facebook is the world’s biggest social network with more than 1 billion users. Local PR Media Sync for Facebook makes it easy to manage post and update information.

Chamber of Commerce Business ListingsChamberofCommerce: Provides information on 14MM businesses, facilitating connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

8Coupons Business Listings8coupons: 8coupons collects deals from over 500 sources to bring you only the stuff you care about from your neighborhood restaurants, bars, salons, and stores!
CitySquares Business ListingsCitySquares: CitySquares provides small businesses an opportunity to reach a qualified, local consumer audience through an optimized profile on it’s website. read more…

CoPilot Business ListingsCoPilot: CoPilot is a navigation app with unique routing features and an interactive user interface that makes navigation easily accessible and useful.

Superpages Business Listings Superpages: Superpages is a go-to resource for over 7 million consumers looking for information on local businesses and retailers, with maps, coupons, reviews and more.
411.com Business Listings411.com: WhitePages has powered over 2 billion searches across its network of sites including Whitepages.com, 411.com, PhoneNumber.com and Switchboard.com

AirYell Business ListingsAirYell: AirYell’s online directory and mobile platform lets searchers hold the world of reference material in the palm of their hands.

AmericanTowns Business Listings AmericanTowns: AmericanTowns offers communities a single online location for everything–and everyone — needed to navigate daily life in their town.
Avantar Business ListingsAvantar: Yellow Pages mobile application sees over 8 million unique visits per month. As one of the first local search mobile apps, Avantar is a leader in the space and continues to grow.

Citysearch Business ListingsCitysearch: Citysearch is a leading online local guide that covers more than 75,000 locations nationwide. Their mission is to connect people to both the most popular places in their area.

eLocal Business Listings eLocal: eLocal’s goal is to connect customers with local businesses. Founded in 2006, eLocal streamlines its site so the important information is not lost in the clutter and is easily found.
Cricket Business ListingsCricket: Cricket is a pioneer of simple and affordable unlimited wireless services, serving millions of customers nationwide who use their mobile devices to find local businesses in their area.

EZlocal Business ListingsEZlocal: EZlocal is a local search marketing company focused on helping small businesses connect with the people who are actively searching online for products and services in their area.

Factual Business Listings Factual: Factual, founded in 2007, is an open data platform that focuses on making data more accessible. It allows for the creation of more innovative tools and apps.
HopStop Business ListingsHopStop: HopStop is a leading location-based service, providing door-to-door walking, biking and mass transit directions to city residents and tourists alike.

Local.com Business ListingsLocal.com: Local.com attracts over 4 million visitors each month seeking relevant information on local businesses, products and services.

Local Database Business Listings Local Database: Local guide designed to offer targeted in-depth information to US based communities. Their platform is designed to continuously grow through multiple data sources.
LocalPages Business ListingsLocalPages: LocalPages connects companies and businesses with the people who are actively searching the internet for products and services in their local community.

MerchantCircle Business ListingsMerchantCircle: MerchantCircle helps small businesses network with other local businesses and reach local customers through free marketing tools and social media features.

MetroPCS Business Listings MetroPCS: MetroPCS is a popular wireless phone company and has over 8 million subscribers, many of whom actively use the search feature on their handset to find local businesses.
MojoPages Business ListingsMojoPages: MojoPages is an online directory geared towards rating small businesses based on an analysis of all their online reviews.

Navmii Business ListingsNavmii: Navmii is a leading publisher of satellite navigation location-based applications for mobile phones. Over half a million users in the US use the Navfree navigation app.

PennySaver Business Listings PennySaver: PennySaver is a direct mail shopping publication in the U.S. with over 950 local editions reaching over 11.5 million people online, in print and on mobile.
PhoneNumber.com Business ListingsPhoneNumber.com: WhitePages has powered over 2 billion searches across its network of sites including Whitepages.com, 411.com, PhoneNumber.com and Switchboard.com.

Pocketly Business ListingsPocketly: Pocketly is the on-the-go money-saving app that uses geolocation and a database of 14 million businesses to find coupons and offers, stores, services and entertainment nearby.

ShowMeLocal Business Listings ShowMeLocal: ShowMeLocal.com gives local business owners the tools to promote their business online and local consumers a place to go to learn about businesses in their area.
Switchboard Business ListingsSwitchboard: WhitePages has powered over 2 billion searches across its network of sites including Whitepages.com, 411.com, PhoneNumber.com and Switchboard.com.

Topix Business ListingsTopix: Topix is the leading community news website in the U.S., connecting over six million users a month to the information and discussions that matter to them in every city and towny.

Tupalo Business Listings Tupalo: Tupalo is an online community of thousands of people that discover, review and share their favorite spots and let others know where and where not to go.
USCity.net Business ListingsUSCity.net: USCity.net is one of the oldest business directories. USCity.net was recently acquired by Duke Investments and launched a complete redesign in May 2012 with a renewed focus on category search.

Where To? Business ListingsWhere To?: Where To? is a top local search app that combines ground breaking technology with a simple interface to allow consumers to easily find local businesses in their area.

WhitePages Business Listings WhitePages: WhitePages has powered over 2 billion searches across its network of sites including Whitepages.com, 411.com, PhoneNumber.com and Switchboard.com.
YaSabe Business ListingsYaSabe: YaSabe is America’s largest and fastest growing local search destination for businesses, coupons and jobs that cater to Hispanic consumers.

Yellowbot Business ListingsYellowbot: Yellowbot helps over a million searchers a month find and review places within their community.

Yellowise Business Listings Yellowise: Yellowise.com is a local search engine that helps over 6 million users find local businesses every month.
YellowMoxie Business ListingsYellowMoxie: YellowMoxie.com is the local expert and a top online resource for finding information and insights on local businesses and retailers.

YellowPageCity.com Business ListingsYellowPageCity.com: Currently, there are over 2600 online phone books within the YellowPageCity.com network with new ones being added each month.

White & Yellow Pages Business Listings White & Yellow Pages: With all the offerings of the Yellow Pages combined with the access of the White Pages, this app turns an iPhone, iPod or iPad into a portable reference guide.
GetFave.com Business ListingsGetFave: The GetFave.com search engine solution has been designed to work in harmony with Google and the other major search engines .

GoLocal247 Business ListingsGoLocal247: GoLocal24/7 is the fastest growing hyper-local network of directories with community portals.

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