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11 December 2012
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Get Listed on the Top of Google Maps

Is Your Local Business Map Listing Showing up on Page 1 of Google? Local PR Media Group will help you get listed on the front page of Google Maps. Whether you’re a local professional or small business owner relying on walk-in traffic, or a business who wants more customers, you have probably noticed your competitor’s […]

27 August 2013
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Facebook Launches Shared Photo Albums and Other News You Need to Know

Today, we’re looking at three particularly interesting storiesFacebook is starting to roll out its newest feature, shared photo albums. A white Xbox One surfaced on Reddit, but it’s only available for Microsoft‘s employees. Finally, Apple may launch an iPhone trade-in program ahead of the launch of the new iPhone next month. Check out the video […]

2 August 2013
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Google+ Sign-In Is Your New Key to Apps and the Web

Google hasn’t had as much success building a vibrant social network as Facebook, but the search giant now seems far less interested in concentrating all social activity inside Google+ and much more keen on using it as social connective tissue throughout its network of products and services. Google+ Sign-In, a service revealed Tuesday, lets third-party […]

16 May 2013
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Yahoo Adds Twitter Content to News Stream

In a move that shows how Yahoo values what industry organizations, outlets and people are saying on Twitter, the company announced it will be integrating tweets into the news stream on Yahoo.com. CEO Marissa Mayer delivered the news in a blog post which detailed how the company views tweets “as [an] important information source for […]

11 April 2013
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Hands On With the New Facebook

Click here to view this gallery Still in line for the new Facebook News Feed? Want to take a look at the menu while you’re waiting for a table? We’ve got you covered. Check out the gallery above. The News Feed changes, which start kicking in for users Thursday, aren’t just about making the site […]

5 February 2013
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Spreading Hope for Cancer Patients

Inspiring story about a 12 year old who has found a special way to spread hope to those who need it most through Cranes of Hope! And it’s touching people around the world. See her inspiring story below on KOIN Local 6 News. Cranes of Hope is all about spreading Hope, Love, and Smiles, one […]

28 January 2013
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Magento Testimonial: The Deering Banjo Company

At the Local PR Media Group, we understand small business owners are looking for an e-commerce solution to compete effectively online. That’s why we utilize Magento Go and Magento Enterprise for our clients seeking a more scalable and robust solution. Magento Go is a leader in hosted e-commerce solutions for small businesses with big ambitions. […]

31 December 2012
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Facebook: Please Send Your New Year Greetings Now

What are you going to be doing at the stroke of midnight next Tuesday, as 2012 shuffles off the stage and 2013 bursts upon the scene? Well, if Facebook has anything to do with it, you’ll be sending out congratulatory New Year’s messages to all your friends. But they don’t mean to see you tapping […]

20 December 2012
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New Web App Recommends Books Based on Your Tweets

Reading a book is a significant investment of time. That’s why it’s common to ask friends for recommendations when looking for interesting literature. If you haven’t said it yourself, you’ve probably heard someone say the common refrain: “Read any good books lately?” That method has worked fairly well thus far, but an innovative new web […]

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